Its one of the commonly used kratom strain containing the more active alkaloids and flavonoids in all of the existing kratom strains. It has a great invigorating aroma with wide range energetic properties. It claims is origin from Thailand but it’s gaining its popularity very fast to the rest of the world. Its leave is characterized by visible white vein like structures on its lamina. The white maeng da powder or capsule can be bitter, that causes it to be laced with apple juice and other sweet flavor to reduce bitterness. It acquires the name “white” from its white colored kratom strains on the leaves rather than the normal dark green. White maeng da is commonly referred to as “working men’s” by the residents of Thailand. This is because its considered as a replacement for alcohol as it has high focusing effects and stimulating effect (kratom guide, 2018).it can be self-prescribed or used as directed by a physician. there is various use of white maenad both as a pharmaceutical drug and self-prescribed.


Relaxing – it increases energy especially the morning hours thus creating a natural healing capability in the body. This makes it possible to be recommended as an anti-depressant.

Pain reliever – it contains compounds that inhibit production of prostaglandins there the brain does not receive the pain reception. Its sometimes recommended by physicians as an analgesic stimulant.

Libido/ stamina– due to high energy capability white maeng da increases libido by nourishing the cells with enough energy. As a result, the body gains strength to perform physical related activities.

Mood enhancer – it provides stimulating effects which make the user activity and more alert the stimulant effects causes the mind to be focused and attentiveness. This increases the ability to concentrate on a given task.

Alcohol alternative – unlike alcohol white maeng da does not cause any harm to the liver and associated burning effect of alcohol to the digestive system.

Side Effects

White maeng da has less side effects when used normally but more effects when used as an overdose. These include:

When taken in large doses it causes problems with the respiratory system. If this persists recipient should consume the red strain of maeng da kratom which brings back normal body function.

Addiction – this occurs when white maeng da is misused or overdosed leading to dependency. Its supposed to be take in small dosage according to the effect expected.

Irritation and anxiety – alkaloids concentration in the white maeng da strain can lead to anxiety and irritation cause the person to talk more than normal.

Dizziness has also been experienced in some users. If a patient experiences this side effect it is important not to engage in activities requiring concentration.

Kratoms are some of the world’s leading strains used for treating various diseases such as Insomnia, chronic pains and also strengthening the body. If you cannot access the medicines form your local outlet or dispensaries, the other reliable alternative or place you can buy these strains are online. Buying your kratom online is quite stable considering you will get the strains delivered to your doorstep but, there are so many things that you need to consider to make sure that you buy the right type of kratom and it is reliable as well.

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Tips for buying kratom near me.

  • Know your purpose.

As we saw earlier, the strains are used in the treatment of various effects and illnesses. Therefore, you need first to list down what you want to treat using these strains so you can be able to know the best kratom for that purpose and how to take it as well. Another essential thing you need to do before you shop online is getting to know about the available kratoms. There are over five types of kratoms on the market and learning about their effects, benefits, and origin will help you choose the best strain for your treatment.

  • Know what cycles you are expected to follow.

There are cycles that you are supposed to follow when taking the kratom strains but it is mainly influenced by the dosage to take. If you are a beginner, you may be required to make a particular dose to create tolerance before you add more dosage. Also, in some cases, a person is advised to take more than one kratom to get the best effects and also to create more tolerance for all types of kratoms available. So, learn about the right cycles followed by beginners and those who are used to taking the strains. It is advisable that you learn about the best kratoms that can be combined for excellent results.

  • Look for a good online source.

This is another part that one needs to be cautious when it comes to quality. Some so many online dealers sell kratoms and other medical strains but the issue is finding a reliable dealer online can be a bit difficult. Thus to be on a safe side, make sure to buy your kratom from a reliable source. Research online and find a dealer who has been selling the strains for a long time and ensure that the company is well- know. You can read comments and reviews from the customers who have purchased from them before you and see the kind of comments they have given about the kratoms sold by the company and even the services offered by the company.

red baliBuy Maeng Dagreen malay kratom


If buying kratom online is your only option, use the above tips to help you choose the best strain that will treat your issue. Also, check on the price of the kratoms since quality kratoms are not sold at a low price.