Kratom varies between vendors from those who offer good quality to those who provide an imitation. This product is a nootropic; therefore, its definition of good quality is that it will make you feel confident, happy and motivated, to some it is a complete life changing experience. On the other hand, the imitation offers you nothing other than a headache and sedation.

This article is a guide to the basic knowledge about kratom, to help you make your buying decision.

Types of kratom

It is divided into four divisions and each has a specific function stronger than the others, the classification is dependent on the color of the stem ad the leave’s vein. It is the color that determines the effect of a leaf on your body, they include;

Red vein;

Best for relieving pain and relaxing muscles due to high potency, thus it is a natural pain reliever. It also can produce calming and soothing effects; therefore, it helps the user have peace of mind. Other of its benefits is delivering of sedating impacts; hence people who have insomnia may have a better sleep.

Strains under red vein kratom

  • Borneo with its origin in south Borneo.
  • Sumatra from Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Bali from Bali, Indonesia
  • Vietnam originating from Vietnam
  • Indo from Indonesia
  • Maeng Da a product from Thailand
  • Thai from Thailand
  • Others like Gold, Riau and Bentuagie from Indonesia
  • Dragon, Malaysia
  • Horned Maeng Da, rainforests of Thailand

White vein;

The most euphoric and stimulating compared to the others. It provides energy boosting effects that causing alertness, motivation and stamina may require during a tough day at work. Additionally, it is an adequate replacement for caffeine and commercial energy drinks. Being an effective stimulant, it enhances mood, improves concentration and clears mental fogging among others. It is ideal for people who suffer from fatigue and sluggishness it is constructive in helping them to attain the energy levels they require.

The above-listed strains are also available as a white vein.

Green Vein

It is considered to be between the red vein and white vein. It has the benefits of these strains, as a mild stimulant, anti-depressant and energy booster. It is an extremely effective muscle relaxant and non-sedating painkiller. It will relieve any aches and discomfort without having to worry that you may feel drowsy. Most users will often experience a boost in their energy levels thus can perform better. Generally, it has a balanced functioning.


It is made out of complex drying process. Its color has a unique scent as well as alkaloids. Only some big kratom manufacturers set the machinery for this product.


The extract formulas include;

  • Water extract
  • Enhanced leaf
  • Reisin extract
  • Tinctures

Best places to buy kratom

  • PurKratom
  • GAIA Ethnobotanical
  • Kratom Sensation
  • Kratora
  • Coastline Kratom.

Buying tips

  • Read online reviews to know the comments about a particular company’s product
  • Buy from vendors who offer a money back guarantee
  • Read on the effects of each vein division
  • Know the different strains and their specific benefits
  • Plan your kratom consumption cycle to monitor its acceptance and tolerance